Sydney COVID-19 cluster can ‘quickly become a nasty memory’

Sky News host Chris Smith says the coronavirus cluster which has emerged in Sydney’s Northern Beaches will “quickly become a nasty memory” provided we are smart and don’t panic.

Over the past 48 hours there have been 28 cases of COVID-19 detected, all but one are linked to the Northern Beaches cluster.

“The reaction to a partial lockdown of the peninsula and the prospect of cancelled Christmas celebrations has been, for many, quite hard to take,” Mr Smith said.

“This is when we need to have faith and trust in the skill and professionalism of New South Wales’ contact tracers.

“The mob who proudly call the Northern Beaches home – they’re laid-back Aussies, it’s a close-knit community who are not prone to drama or panic.

“It can still be a Merry Christmas in that part of Australia, it just might have to be celebrated without the usual trimmings.”

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