Social media has ‘divided America’s national psyche’

Center for Humane Technology Co-Founder Tristan Harris says social media has “already taken control” of American elections because it controls the information received by the public.

“I think social media has a determining factor in the US elections and really just in the state of US politics and politics around the world,” Mr Harris said.

He said the extent to which social media controls people is never more apparent than in the aftermath of US elections.

“We’ve divided the national psyche upon itself so it’s clear we’re watching different movies,” he said.

“I believe the stat is that 70 per cent of Republicans believe that Trump rightfully won the election, not that he could win or there was some fraud.

“And of course, people on the left are seeing infinite evidence of these claims of voter fraud debunked.”

Mr Harris said the varying social media feeds were steering the micro realities of individuals and spreading widespread confusion.

“The problem is … fake news spreads six times faster than true news, so even if there’s correction…or an apology, that apology or correction won’t make it nearly as far as the most salacious or curiosity grabbing piece of content,” he said.

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