Sad to see Kevin Rudd carry out his ‘Murdoch jihad’ with ‘Trumpian narcissism’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it is sad to see former prime minister Kevin Rudd carrying out his “jihad” on the Murdoch press with “Trumpian narcissism”

Mr Kenny apologised for having to subject his viewers to Mr Rudd again, but said he needed to share “his bitterness and expose his hypocrisy”.

“Now as you know, Rudd is running a bit of a jihad against News Corp or the Murdoch media empire,” he said.

“From the smoking ruins of his political career, he can’t see any mistakes. He can’t see all the errors that saw his own colleagues tear him down, and then later after he tore down Julia Gillard.

“The evil right-wing media poisoned the minds of his colleagues first time around and then you, the voters, the next time.
“But this week, he has started another element of his campaign and it’s based on climate change.”

Mr Kenny said regardless of what anyone at News Corp thought, and each employee had their own takes on this issue, Mr Rudd’s emissions trading scheme was blocked in parliament and he didn’t have the moral courage to take it to a double dissolution.

“He didn’t fight to save the planet. Yep instead of that he dropped his plan, withdrew his plans, and surrendered on the greatest moral challenge in our times,” he said.

“That’s precisely when Australian voters and his own colleagues lost faith in him.

“Rudd is a joy to watch as his hypocrisy and bitterness plays out in this way.”

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