Fighting adultery in China | DW Documentary

Chinese private detective Zhang Yufen tracks down wealthy men who cheat on their wives.

In China, Zhang Yufen is known as the “concubine killer.” 20 years ago, Zhang found out that her husband was having an affair — and divorced him. That’s not always easy in a society that often looks down on divorced women. Zhang started helping other women gather evidence to support their divorce cases — and in the process, became China’s first female private detective. These affairs usually don’t take place in private, between friends or neighbors. They often involve modern concubines, known as “second wives” — who are supported financially by wealthy men. “Second wives” are a status symbol for many rich and powerful men. But if these men don’t appear to earn a lot of money, they’re often suspected of corruption. Zhang isn’t afraid to bring cheating husbands to account. Her work has even landed her in jail. But she keeps at it, trying to win justice for women who’ve been betrayed by their husbands.

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