Twitter has become a ‘theatre for international conflict’

Twitter’s clause which allows official government accounts to essentially post whatever they like means it has set itself up to be the “theatre for international conflict,” according to The Australian’s technology reporter Chris Griffith.

It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for Twitter to delete a highly offensive and falsified photo posted on the platform by a Chinese foreign ministry official depicting an Australian soldier holding a knife to an Afghani child.

Twitter has a clause in its agreement which allows foreign leaders or official government accounts to freely post any content, which includes “foreign sabre-rattling”.

Mr Griffith told Sky News, the clause gives “great leniency” to international leaders and official accounts.

“It’s kind of set itself up to be a theatre for international conflict by having such a clause there,” Mr Griffith said.

“Twitter’s going to become the centre for discussion between governments and unfortunately in this case it’s worked out to be a really bad move.”

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