‘You don’t win elections by agreeing with your opponents’: Peta Credlin

Western Australia’s Liberal leader Zak Kirkup is providing Liberal oppositions everywhere in Australia with an “abject lesson” in what not to do, according to Sky News host Peta Credlin.

Her comments come after a poll suggested the WA Liberal Party could be reduced to just two seats in state parliament.

“It was always going to be a huge gamble to entrust the leadership of the opposition to a 34-year-old with no great record of personal achievement, a bloke who’s barely been in the parliament for five minutes and while nice enough, I don’t reckon he gets what the Liberal Party stands for,” Ms Credlin said.

“Not only did Zak Kirkup 100 per cent back Premier Mark McGowan’s quasi-separatist hard border closures; he then left his state and federal colleagues gob-smacked by proposing net zero emissions – not by 2050, but 2030.”

Ms Credlin said this “policy own goal” managed to demoralise his supporters instead of galvanizing his campaign.

“He plunged them further into despair by declaring that the Libs could not win, and begging people to vote Liberal to prevent a Labor landslide,” she said.

“That’s what you get when you ask a teenager to do an adult’s job.

“I think the best that can be said of Zak Kirkup at this stage is that he’s certainly providing Liberal oppositions everywhere with an abject lesson in what not to do.

“He’s got two weeks to turn his left leaning Liberal ship around, the big question is, can he, and will he.”

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