World’s Most Unique Roundabout & Whole Village in a Cave | Mystery Places | Free Documentary

Mystery Places: World’s Most Unique Roundabout & Whole Village in a Cave | Lost Places Documentary

00:00 Intro

00:07 The island of Nauru
A tiny island you’ve never heard of yet was once the richest country in the world.

15:20 Zhongdong, China
90 people live in houses built inside a cave.

22:28 Limestone mining in the egyptian desert
It’s a mystery how anyone could do this job for more than a day. Yet they do and will continue to do so to provide for their familIes.

35:19 São Paolo, Brazil
Collecting recyclable garbage.

44:49 Guangzhou, China
A four lane roundabout now encircles a 9 story apartment building.

Mystery Places – World’s Most Dangerous Hotel & Giant Diamond Mine in Siberia:

In this episode of Mystery Places, we discover incredible facts about the Nauru Island, observe the daily life of a garbage collector in Brazil, and visit a cave village in China. We also take a closer look at the working conditions of a man who works in the Egyptian desert, and check out the curious railway in China that runs through residential buildings.
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