WA government ‘asleep at the wheel’ failed to learn lessons from Victoria: Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says the lockdown in Perth clearly shows the Western Australian government appears to have been “asleep at the wheel” and failed to learn key lessons out of Victoria.

“Namely that private contractors working in quarantine hotels should not be allowed to work second jobs, let alone a second job with as much community contact, as an Uber driver,” Ms Credlin said.

Three regions in Western Australia’s south west, including Perth, have been placed into a five day full lockdown as of Sunday night after a hotel quarantine worker contracted what is believed to be the UK strain of COVID-19.

The man has also been reported to have worked another job as an Uber driver, sparking fears the virus has spread throughout the country’s fourth largest city.

Ms Credlin said all Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan could say about the “monumental stuff up” over a security guard working as an Uber driver was that it was “complicated”.

“No, it’s not actually. It’s actually pretty simple. You just have to make it a condition of working in hotel quarantine that workers don’t have any other job,” she said.

The Sky News host also criticised the premier for panicking over the existence of one case.

She said it’s clear that the premier shutdown the city over the single case because he “wasn’t confident his systems were up to managing the outbreak”.

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