Victorians are ‘absolutely livid’ and no longer trust Daniel Andrews

Victorians have finally “woken up” to premier Daniel Andrews and no longer trust him to handle the coronavirus properly, according to Victorian Shadow Health Minister Georgie Crozier.

“They’re livid absolutely livid as they rightly should be,” Ms Crozier told Sky News.

The entire state of Victoria was plunged into a five-day snap lockdown on Friday after just under 20 cases of coronavirus were detected and linked to the Holiday Inn quarantine facility.

“You’ve got this premier, he’s blaming everyone else, he’s just full of spin,” Ms Crozier said.

“But I think Victorians have woken up. they’re fed up, this is the third lockdown and they don’t trust him, they don’t trust him to get it right.

“There’ll be a fourth lockdown because he hasn’t done the work. We’ve still got these issues, he hasn’t done what he’s promised to do.”

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