Tyrrell’s Wines CEO urges Australians to buy local wine this Christmas and New Year

Managing Director of Tyrrell’s Wines, Bruce Tyrrell is urging Australians to choose local wine over this Christmas and New Year as the industry can take all the help it can get amid China’s substantial wine tariffs.

It comes amid escalating trade tensions which have seen China implement substantial tariffs on Australian wine between 107 and 212 per cent following an anti-dumping investigation.

“The simple message is, over this Christmas period and into the New Year, the Australian wine industry can take all the help you can give it,” Mr Tyrrell told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“So if it comes down to selecting a bottle of wine to drink on Christmas day, please select a bottle of Australian because we’ve lost now, the Chinese market have made that totally unviable for Australia.”

Mr Tyrrell said buying Australian will “not only be looking after the wine makers”, but also the grape-growers, those who transport freight and many others.

“It runs all the way down through the economy.”

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