Sensible Australians ought to back Margaret Court ‘to the hilt’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says all sensible Australians ought to “back Margaret Court to the hilt,” as the champion sportswoman continues to be attacked by the “greenie left” amid her inclusion on the Australia Day honours list.

Ms Court is set to receive Australia’s highest civilian honour when she will be made a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia for her performance as a tennis player.

She won 24 Grand Slam singles and was the first woman during the Open Era to complete a singles Grand Slam achieved by winning all four major tournaments.

Many have objected to this recognition due to Ms Court’s outspoken views on same sex marriage and transgender people.

“I thought the left was into feminism, supporting recognition for women … nope, only women who agree with them,” Mr Kenny said.

“Who ever said everyone who gets an Australia Day award has to agree with everyone else?”

Mr Kenny said the cancel culture of the left is seeking to “intimidate you” and wants you to “keep quiet” because they don’t like you sharing your opinions.

“It is deeply worrying,” he said.

“And for that reason all sensible Australians ought to back Margaret Court to the hilt.”

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