China is ‘feeling cocky’ since US election

Sky News contributor John Ruddick says China has become “cocky” since the US election.

Tensions with China have escalated after one of its foreign ministry officials published to Twitter a doctored propaganda image of an Australian soldier.

China also recently placed import tariffs on Australian wines ranging from 107 per cent to 212 per cent, while the Morrison government prepares to escalate trade action against China regarding its barley to the World Trade Organisation.

Australia’s $700 million lobster export sector has now stopped due to increased strict customs measures placed on the product, and approximately one billion dollars of Australian coal is stranded out of port.

“I think what’s happened with the Chinese, since the very-likely election of Joe Biden to the White House, is that Beijing is cocky,” Mr Ruddick said.

“Trump was the first president – since China had been again opening up in the 70s – to call them out.

Mr Ruddick told Sky News host Chris Smith China “detested Trump” while Joe Biden had been their “best mate” in the Senate for the past 30 years.

“They are feeling cocky.”

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