Time to ‘put a rocket under’ ABC: Peter Gleeson

The ABC is a “wholly owned subsidiary” of the Labor Party and the Greens, and if it’s ever going to change the prime minister must intervene and clean it out, says Sky News host Peter Gleeson.

Mr Gleeson said many regional viewers have been forced to switch onto the ABC for their “nightly dose of climate change activism and pro-Greens-Labor tripe”.

“You pay the wage of the presenters and producers at the ABC. Yes, about 8 cents a day, you pay for this ongoing leftism rot,” he said.

“If we want the ABC to change, the Prime Minister needs to intervene and sack the chairman Ita Buttrose, sack the board and clean out the senior executive ranks.

“It’s the only way, and the LNP better hurry. Because when Labor returns to government one day – and it will happen – the ABC will get more money and be emboldened with its leftist bulldust.

“Do the country a favour, let’s put a rocket under the ABC Now.”

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