Identity politics is ‘constipating’ the capacity for debate: John Anderson

Former Deputy Prime minister John Anderson says our biggest problem today is cultural, namely the poison of identity politics which is “constipating” the capacity for respectful debate that leads to good policy.

On Monday Mr Anderson disclosed he would be running for the Senate with the Nationals at the next federal election.

Discussing his decision with Sky News host Alan Jones, Mr Anderson said he was prompted to make the move because he feels “compelled” to find the best platforms to argue “essentially two things”.

“Our biggest problem today I think is actually cultural, that cultural division, that tribalism, the poison of identity politics is so constipating our capacity to have a reasoned, evidence-based, respectful debate that can lead to good policy,” he said.

On the policy front, Mr Anderson said we need to recognise that it’s “nuts” to think big governments spending “magic money forever” won’t ruin us.

“The two things that I can’t believe that we are not focusing on more, securing our supply chains … and demonstrating to our allies – as well as to those who might have it in for us – that we are serious about defence.”

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