The STRANGEST but USEFUL Products!

Interested in the newest and most fascinating innovations?! Maybe a product that’s teeming on the verge of weird? Learn all about the newest products that are a bit strange but extremely useful!

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Here are the strangest products of 2016!

15. The bumper dumper
You know that feeling when you’re on the road and have to go to the bathroom? You have to find a gas station or fast food joint and you never know what you’re going to see when you get in there. Some people are just filthy. With the bumper dumper, your problems are over. This toilet attaches to a standard trailer hitch for those times when you need to go when you’re on the go. No more smelly bathrooms. You can sit on your throne in the great outdoors, just taking it all in while you’re letting it all out. And it’s lined with a kitchen garbage bag, so flushing the toilet is as easy as taking out the trash. Best of all, everyone can see it while you’re driving around, and they’ll know that you’re that special breed of person that just doesn’t care what other people think.

14. Travelmate robotic suitcase
Tired of carrying heavy luggage? This robotic suitcase drives by itself, leaving your hands free to make cell phone calls and high five your friends. It can navigate crowds and has a special attachment for a video camera so it can film you while you walk, like your own personal paparazzi. Drone?! Who needs a flying drone?!

It’ll match your speed up to 6.75 miles per hour, but honestly, who wants to walk that fast? You control the travelmate with an app on your phone and the software is open source, so you clever tekkies can dream up new assignments for you mechanical luggage. I want to see one that talks back to baggage handlers. “Don’t you throw me! Don’t you throw me! Oh no you didn’t!!”

13. Sunscreenr
When you put on sunscreen, you’re almost guaranteed to miss some spots and wind up with some unsightly red blotches when you get back from the beach. Sunscreenr puts an end to all that. It’s a revolutionary device that lets you see the sunscreen on your skin as you put it on. When you look through the viewfinder, the spots you missed show up as pale blotches, letting you know where you need to slab more on. It even takes short videos so you can check your back and the top of your head – if you are a little light on hair up there. When the kids get out of the pool you can see with a glance if they need to re-apply. “Aw mom!” The sunscreenr is small, light, waterproof, and best of all, sandproof. Say goodby to sunburn, skin cancer, and jokey white hand prints.

12. Altwork Station –
Forget the standing desk or the rolling chair. The Altwork station lets you work in any position, even flat on your back. This incredible work station has taken ergonomics to the extreme. You can set the computer screen and keyboard for maximum comfort, totally eliminating workplace discomforts such as carpal tunnel syndrome and stiff neck. You’ll be so comfortable it won’t even seem like work, probably because you’ll be asleep. Make sure your boss gets one too. Soon your whole office will be happily dozing the day away. You may have to work longer hours to get all of your work done, but who cares? In a set-up that comfortable, you probably won’t even mind!

11. Musical Hoodie
Remember the piano necktie? (use the clips of mugatu from Zoolander) C’mon you guys remember this legendary scene from the first zoolander! This hoodie is way cooler. It’s a fashion statement and musical instrument rolled into one. You press the stylish panels to play musical notes. With a little you practice you’ll be able to play your own theme song while strutting down the street. You’ll get all the attention you’ve always deserved and don’t be surprised when girls try to “play” you too. You’ll be irresistible. It’s like having your own dance party and everyone around you is invited!

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