The only thing Daniel Andrews and his government excel at is ‘rat cunning’

Sky News host Peta Credlin says forget Daniel Andrews’ boasts about how his hotel quarantine system is the best in the nation, the only thing Victoria does better than any other state is “political spin”.

“There’s one thing I’ll say about Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, he’s a master at the spin,” she said.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been spruiking his hotel quarantine system in recent days labelling it the best in the nation, despite multiple cases over the last week coming out of these hotels.

“His government might be responsible for last year’s quarantine chaos that led to the deaths of 800 Victorians, but if he’s believed, Victoria’s revamped hotel quarantine facilities are so good that the rest of the country is copying them,” Ms Credlin said.

“If Victoria really does have the best hotel quarantine system in the country, why then do people in it keep getting infected at higher rates than interstate.

“The only thing that Victoria excels in, right now, is rat cunning. That’s why a national royal commission is vital, as a matter of extreme urgency, so that there’s some hope of restoring competence and integrity to the management of this crisis.”

“If anyone in Victoria thinks this won’t get worse, they’re kidding themselves. If you’ve got the same clowns in the ring, then you’re going to see the same circus.”

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