The Labor Party is ‘way out of touch’ with mainstream Australia

Sky News host Peter Gleeson says the Labor Party’s opposition to the cashless debit card is just one of many policies which “puts it way out of touch” with mainstream Australia.

The cashless debit card is being trialled in regions across the country with the aim of curbing drug and alcohol abuse.

It was established under the Abbott Government and it allows people to buy groceries and pay rent but doesn’t work at bottle shops or gambling venues and it cannot withdraw cash.

A bill is currently before parliament to make the card permanent.

Mr Gleeson said for some “inexplicable reason”, the Labor Party is opposing the bill.

“Why would Labor oppose this reform? For the sake of it? Some sort of civil libertarian ideology fantasy?” he said.

“That’s why the Labor Party will not be re-elected at the next federal election. This is a good use of policy. It lifts communities up, rather than tearing them down.

“It reduces alcohol fuelled violence; and it puts food into the mouths of kids, who may otherwise have not been fed.

“Labor needs to have a long hard think about where it wants to go as a political party.

“Opposing the cashless debit card is just one of many policies that puts it way out of touch with mainstream Australia.

“They need a reality check and they need it badly.”

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