The family is the ‘enemy’ to the ‘rabid left woke movement’

News Corp columnist Louise Roberts says the “feminist woke brigade” only look out for women who share their political creed, and do not represent or “protect” the rights of women who espouse “right” wing values – like supporting the nuclear family.

“It’s only certain women who align with certain values,” she told Sky News host James Morrow.

“So if you’re right or conservative right you’re not part of the witch hunt and sort of toxic feminist brigade therefore you’re not worth protecting.

“And Jenny Morrison is the perfect example of that because she’s the prime minister’s wife, she’s not aligned to that sort of crazy feminist woke brigade therefore she’s fair game to them.”

Ms Roberts went on to say the everyday woman in Australia would “identify” more with Jenny Morrison and her values rather than with the “rabid left woke” movement which she says “attacks” women and particularly – the family.

“Yes we identify with her we don’t identify with the rabid left woke movement that attacks women – and we know that they attack family as an institution, the family’s the enemy.

“The family’s not the enemy to normal people like you and I who’ve got spouses and children and so forth – but to them it’s a problem and therefore has to be systematically attacked at every opportunity.”

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