Tech giants all want to do ‘the bidding of China’

Sky News host James Morrow says Tech Giants – whether in the Silicon Valley or in Beijing – all want to do the “bidding of China”.

His comment comes after Chinese social media platform WeChat deleted Scott Morrison’s message to Chinese-Australians amid growing tensions between the two countries, claiming the post “violates” regulations and is “misleading”.

Yet on Twitter, the original offensive post from Chinese officials – to which the Prime Minister was responding- is still up.

“I think WeChat, twitter, all these social media platforms all have the same standards. They want to do whatever they can to stand in favour with the Chinese Communist Party,” Mr Morrow said.

“WeChat because they’re operating in China; Twitter because they would love to operate in China.

“WeChat of course is doing exactly what they’re supposed to do, which is censor Scott Morrison.

“Twitter is doing exactly what they want to do which is let this chuckle head from the foreign ministry say his offensive stuff while putting warnings on Donald Trump tweets and everything else.

“What all of these tech giants, whether they’re in Silicon Valley or Shanghai have in common, and that is really, sadly, that they want to do the bidding of communist China.”

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