Selfish Communist regime is ‘standing in the way’ of the world’s COVID-19 mission

Sky News host Chris Smith says it is now only the “secretive and selfish” Communist regime in China which stands in the way of getting to the origins of COVID-19.

It comes as a World Health Organisation inspection team has arrived in China for an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A team of experts from 10 different countries touched down in the Chinese city of Wuhan where they will lead a two-week study interviewing local scientists, visiting hospitals and the seafood market where the outbreak is believed to have begun.

The researchers had been delayed by a week after Beijing neglected to approve the team’s entry.

“Like anything involving Beijing, nothing ever seems to go swimmingly, especially when the country is under enormous international pressure to assist in solving the mystery of COVID-19,” Mr Smith said.

“The 137 countries which have backed a comprehensive, independent and impartial investigation will be carefully scrutinising the way this team is treated.”

Mr Smith said this probe will likely be the world’s “first and final chance to get inside the original viral epi-centre” and determine how the pandemic may have been unleashed.

“We need to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID-19, because if the infectious diseases fraternity is right, this may not be the first deadly and highly contagious pandemic this generation will face,” he said.

“We need to learn as much as we can now to head off these pandemics at the pass.

“It’s only the secretive and selfish Communist regime in China which stands in the way of that mission.”

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