Premier Daniel Andrews ‘scored an F’ for his performance this pandemic year

The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan has assessed each state premier’s performance in 2020 and handed down his own “report card” on their handling of this testing pandemic year.

“Tasmania took advantage of its isolation, its island-status very early,” Mr Shanahan told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“When there was an outbreak, they actually took federal assistance”.

“I think Tasmania has done very well; it had a good start”.

Mr Shanahan said he had given Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein a ‘B’ rating based on his performance.

He also scored South Australian Premier Steven Marshall a ‘B’.

Western Australia utilised a very “secessionist attitude” under Premier Mark McGowan, who scored a ‘C’ in Mr Shanahan’s rating index.

He said Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk “read the mood” and also scored a ‘B’.

Gladys Berejiklian in New South Wales scored a ‘C’ as she “basically kept the economy going” but also was involved in other issues throughout the year.

Victorian Premier Daniels scored an ‘F’.

“More than 900 people are dead in Victoria and it’s all because of governmental failure,” Mr Shanahan said.

He said there was a “failure to appreciate the danger of the coronavirus”.

“It’s been about blame-shifting … and an inquiry was set up which has given us no clearer view of what we should know about who made … the terrible decisions which led to the deaths or more than 800 people”.

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