Let’s ‘hope leaders are measured’ amid Sydney COVID-19 cluster

Broadcaster Luke Grant says he hopes leaders around Australia – seeing as it’s Christmas – are measured in their decisions surrounding the coronavirus cluster in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Since Wednesday there has been 28 cases of COVID-19 detected, all but one are linked to the cluster in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

There is also a growing number of affected venues which have been visited by positive cases including Cronulla, Riverstone and Bondi Junction.

“New South Wales has been open – with the exception of the Victorian border – I think the whole time,” Mr Grant told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“I just hope leaders elsewhere – because it is Christmas – just are measured.

“This is Sydney’s Northern Beaches, a couple of other areas, give us a day or two and let’s see if we can get through this without ruining Christmas and shutting down economies.”

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