‘Let’s get real’ about net zero 2050 commitments: Littleproud

Minister for Agriculture, Drought, and Emergency Management David Littleproud says much of the talk around net zero emissions is “a lot of platitudes” since only 16 of the 130 countries signed up can say how they will meet the 2050 target.

“You’ve got to put this in perspective, of the 130 nations that have signed up to net zero emissions by 2050 only 16 of them can tell us how they can get there, so at the moment it’s a lot of platitudes,” he said.

“When you get countries like the EU wanting to impose tariffs on us, let me put this in perspective, of the 27 EU states, 21 of them won’t meet their 2030 commitments.

“Yet they’re imposing a moral tariff on us about a 2050 commitment and saying, well just trust us, we’re going to meet 2050 but most of us aren’t going to meet 2030.

“Let’s get real about this, and I think there needs to be some honesty, and that’s what the Australian government is doing”.

Mr Littleproud told Sky News, “if we’re going to commit to it, we’re going to look the people [in] the eye and tell them how we’re going to get there and who pays for it”.

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