Kevin Rudd’s News Corp ‘conspiracies’ a ‘narcissistic sideshow’: Peta Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Kevin Rudd’s News Corp “conspiracy theories” are a “narcissistic sideshow” which prove why he should never have been Labor leader, let alone the Australian prime minister.

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd on Friday appeared at the Senate inquiry into media diversity.

“Today, he even tried to justify 800 dead in Victoria … honestly it was vintage Rudd,” Ms Credlin said.

“Say what you like about Australian media outlets, but all of them have to take responsibility for what they publish, they all obey Australian law, and – except for the ABC who live off the taxpayer – pay Australian taxes.”

Ms Credlin said the Senate in Canberra today “wasted a whole lot of time looking to create a villain out of the News Corp media” when they could been “fighting back against these big tech billionaires”.

“For Kevin Rudd, it was a classic case of sour grapes, trying to rewrite why he lost his job twice,” she said.

“The longer I listened to him today, the more I was grateful to Julia Gillard’s service to the nation.”

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