‘It’s appalling’ to see ‘armchair critics’ penalising Australian soldiers

Social Commentator Prue MacSween says it is “appalling” to see people sitting back as armchair critics, penalising the men and women who went to war “to save us”.

Her comment comes after Judge Paul Brereton’s report detailed evidence of 23 incidents allegedly committed by Australian soldiers – including the alleged killing of 39 Afghan civilians.

Ms McSween said those in higher positions of command needed to be answerable for the alleged conduct of soldiers in Afghanistan, adding at release of the report, the front line soldiers were suddenly abandoned by those in command.

“It’s quite appalling,” she said.

“There’s obviously been a problem with whether it’s been too much regular deployment – there’s no excuses for what went on – but at the end of the day, for us to sit back as armchair critics and then penalise the men and women who are going to war to save us, it’s appalling.”

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