It is ‘time for action’ against ‘anti-social’ media networks

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says social media tech giants have a much broader plan than simply enslaving you as a user.

“They (social media tech giants) have a deliberate plan to influence the information you’re allowed to watch, to hear, and to read,” Mr Bernardi said.

“By doing that they can shape public opinion, they can influence elections and make or break any business. It’s a heck of a lot of power for a few companies to have.”

Mr Bernardi spoke of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal which first emerged shortly before the US election.

“Facebook and Twitter effectively banned any mention of the scandal that was engulfing the Biden family over the Hunter Biden laptop,” he said.

“The contents of this laptop implicated the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden – now President-elect – in a slew of corruption allegations.

“These damning allegations and the evidence to support them … they should have played a prominent role in the election, but many voters – who mostly get their information from social media – weren’t allowed to know of them.”

Mr Bernardi said the platforms like Facebook and Twitter are “not about empowering you”, but rather “using you to empower them”.

“It’s time for action to be taken against these anti-social media networks.”

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