People who run Australia are ‘still COVID crazy’ 12 months later

Sky News host Paul Murray says it feels like the people who run Australia are “just as COVID crazy as they were 12 months ago”.

“Some of them are COVID crazy because of the power that comes with it,” Mr Murray said.

“We know the state elections, which have been essentially a rubber stamping of power mad premiers who have basically played Goldilocks with COVID rules the whole way through.”

Mr Murray said Prime Minister Scott Morrison is now trying to “find a way through this crazy”.

“That’s why they’re trying to reconvene national cabinet a couple of times a week to try to push through some of the stuff, so all of these people when they’re sitting in the same room can at least hear the same information and at least agree on a way forward,” he said.

“Rather than just play all the games where they go back to their corners and play to the peanut gallery.”

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