How to Deal With That Feeling of Emptiness

How to deal with that feeling of emptiness, of being alone in life? This is a challenging question. We are not medical professionals or therapists, so please consult one… this is just advice. However, all of the information in this video calls upon the sources below, which offer some helpful tips if you’re thinking… I feel empty inside.


When You Feel Empty: What It Means and What to Do

Journaling for Mental Health

The Therapeutic Use of Journaling

Narrative Tools for Stimulating Process and Dialogue‘_club_letters_Narrative_tools_for_stimulating_process_and_dialogue_in_therapy_groups_for_children_and_adolescents

Issues in Therapy – Emptiness

Manipulative Marketing: Persuasion Through Advertising

Social Media Use Increases Depression and Loneliness

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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO) for helping to create this video!

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