Gladys Berejiklian cannot have ‘one rule for herself, another for the people’

Sky News host Rowan Dean says if anyone in NSW has been fined for taking a COVID test and failing to isolate, he expects Gladys Berejiklian to pay back “out of her own purse” everyone who was fined, following news she failed to isolate after a test.

The New South Wales Premier on Tuesday revealed she did not self-isolate while awaiting coronavirus test results and went about her daily activities as normal.

Ms Berejiklian had previously advised the public of New South Wales it is “so important” to isolate after getting a coronavirus test.

“Has anybody in New South Wales been fined for taking a test and then not isolating while they’re waiting for the results of that test to come through?” Mr Dean said.

“If so, and whoever those people are and whatever number of them there are, I would expect Gladys Berejiklian now out of her own purse to repay every single one of those fines.

“You can’t have two rules.”

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