Democratic form of ‘silencing’ is increasing rapidly in Australian media

The Australian’s Gerard Henderson says a growing phenomenon in the Australian media called “the great silencing” is increasing rapidly after an interview between Waleed Aly and Heritier Lumumba was pulled by Network Ten.

A 2017 interview on Network Ten’s ‘The Project’ featuring Dr Aly questioning the veracity of Mr Lumumba’s claims he was called ‘chimp’ at the Collingwood Football Club has recently been removed from the network’s website.

“You’ve got a number of journalists now – and others in the media – who will only believe what they want to believe and will want to silence what they don’t want to hear,” Mr Henderson said.

“Even the record of what he (Dr Aly) asked in a courteous way has now been wiped from the slate at channel ten.

“It’s a democratic form of silencing because nobody’s been imprisoned or locked away, but careers have been lost, reputations have been damaged.”

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