Democracies across the globe ‘need to stand together’ against China’s bullying

Liberal democracies across the world “need to stand together” against China’s bullying especially on its recent actions against Australian producers, according to Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching.

China has recently placed a 200 per cent import tariff on Australian wines, while the Morrison government prepares to escalate trade action against China regarding its barley to the World Trade Organisation.

In response, many global leaders and parliamentarians have come out in solidarity with Australian wine producers urging people to support the industry in the face of China’s excessive tariffs.

“Like-minded democracies, liberal democracies, need to stand together,” Ms Kitching told Sky News.
China has also recently published a list of ’14 grievances’ towards Australia which include attacking Australia’s free press and other democratic institutions.

She also said the list grievances is also a concern for western nations as it attacks the values and institutions essential to all democracies.

“I mean what are we going to compromise on? Are we going to compromise on freedom of our press.”

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