Daniel Andrews wants Victorians to ‘ignore monumental failures’ and move on

Sky News host Peta Credlin says it is patently clear Premier Daniel Andrews wants Victorians to move on and “ignore his government’s monumental failures” which have led to what must be the worst disaster in modern Australian history.

The Coate Inquiry into the hotel quarantine debacle received a submission by Victoria Police which disputed Counsel Assisting’s view that the decision to use private security was merely a “starting assumption”.

The submission states there was in fact an actual decision that private security would be used which was made prior to the end of the National Cabinet meeting on March 27.

It also claims that the premier’s departmental head Chris Eccles phoned then-police commissioner Graham Ashton at 1:17pm to notify him that private security would be used.

Ms Credlin said despite all the new information revealed, the Coate Inquiry has “still decided not to reopen hearings” or to subject the key players to renewed cross-examination.

“Maybe Jennifer Coate already knows enough to hold the government collectively guilty and to recommend that the Premier take responsibility and resign,” Ms Credlin said.

“I fear, she would rather not subject Victorian officials to the humiliation of again struggling to justify what they plainly did or should have known: that the decision must ultimately have been the Premier’s.

“It’s patently clear that Dan Andrews wants Victorians to “move on” – and to ignore his government’s monumental failures, that have led to what must be the worst disaster, in modern Australian history.”

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