Conspiracy Theories That JUST Could Be True!

Watch this video to find out which conspiracy theories just might be true! Did we really land on the moon? Do we really need water fluoridation? Find out here!

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For the Most part, conspiracy theories are just that…theories. But here are a few conspiracies that just might be true. See what you think!

For the Most part, conspiracy theories are just that…theories. But here are a few conspiracies that just might be true. See what you think!

We’re starting with ole tricky Dick because it was his Watergate scandal that seemed to open up the dam of American distrust towards their government. But this isn’t about Watergate at all. In fact, some people would argue, Watergate was the more benign of his crimes.

It was 1968. America was in the midst of a heated Presidential Election…on par with the 2016 election. Nixon, a Republican, was running against Hubert Humphrey, a Democrat, and the sitting Vice President. Among the divisive issues of the time, the Vietnam War was front and center. Lyndon johnson, the Democratic incumbent knew he had to bring an end to the war for Humphrey to win, and Nixon, some argue, was determined that could not happen. The theory claims that while the Johnson administration was negotiating a ceasefire between the South and North Vietnamese, Nixon’s guys were secretly negotiating with the South Vietnamese, asking them to stop the peace talks with the North Vietnamese, promising better terms if he were elected. In the midst of Johnson’s peace talks, the South Vietnamese didn’t stop their bombing campaign even after LBJ had convinced them sign a peace treaty.

Nixon narrowly won the 1968 election and it’s not really clear if this was a direct result of the war. But, it has become increasingly clear over the years that Nixon was probably involved in sabotaging official negotiations, which under U.S law, would constitute treason, an act punishable by breath!

Here’s some evidence. Henry Kissinger, a member of the Johnson Administration was the one who supposedly alerted Nixon of Johnson’s peace talks. Nixon would later bring on Kissinger to be his national security advisor. Also, FBI records show that Anna Chennault, a Republican operative working for Nixon, was the one who communicated with the South Vietnamese. We know this because, as Johnson suspected that Nixon was meddling in his negotiations, he ordered FBI surveillance on some of his aides, including Chennault. Not the most noble of acts, but his fears may have been proven true.

After his presidency, LBJ supposedly wanted to go public with the evidence of Nixon’s treason. However, he opted not to as he thought it would be bad for the country if people knew their President was a traitor. Plus, he didn’t want to publicly acknowledge that he had the FBI monitor his rivals. Anyways, If these allegations are true, and again, that does remain an IF, then karma eventually caught up to Nixon. After the Watergate scandal he was forced to resign from office on August 9, 1974, and his reputation never recovered.

This is one probably shows up on many of these lists. But there’s a good reason for that. There is some pretty lucid evidence out there to suggest the moon landings were all part of one giant farce.

Here’s some background. NASA has claimed six successful manned lunar landings between 1969 and 1972. In that time span, twelve astronauts have supposedly walked on the moon. The first landing in 1969 was a huge deal, as the U.S and Soviet Union were in the midst of the Cold war and an intense space exploration race. So the moon landings were a matter of national pride as well as potentially crucial exploration milestones.

But not everyone was swept away by all of this. In 1976 a fellow named Bill Kaysing wrote a book called We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle. Kaysing was a former Navy officer and worked as a technical writer for the company that built rocket engines.

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