China is ‘very advanced’ in space-based solar power

Sky News host Alan Jones has spoken to Australia’s first astronaut Dr Paul Scully-Power about the concept and implications of space-based solar power and China’s push to lead in the issue.

“It’s a really fascinating subject,” Dr Scully-Power told Sky News host Alan Jones.

“I really got involved in it, space-based solar power, because I found out in my readings that the Chinese were very advanced,” Dr Scully-Power said.

Mr Jones asked Dr Scully-Power, “are the Chinese in the vanguard of this solar power from space”.

Dr Scully-Power said, “when you come to think about it … the big battle 10 years from now is who’s going to supply the energy needs of us here, down here on Earth”.

“And space-based solar power is just spectacular”.

Mr Jones spoke of the notion of what were to happen if China was to “win this race into solar space”.

Dr Scully-Power said it would “absolutely” mean China has the power to control the world’s cheapest energy supply.

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