Australia must use its only ‘weapon’ against China in trade war

Australia has one tool in its arsenal which can hurt China just as much as it can hurt us and it would send a “very clear message” if it was used.

The Herald Sun’s business columnist Terry McCrann said Australia’s iron ore exports are a “weapon” which can be used against Beijing because there is no alternative to our product.

It comes as China has seemingly officially blacklisted Australian thermal coal by allowing its largest power producers to import coal with no restrictions from across the globe except from Australia.

China has also given a dressing down to Australian iron ore producers amid record high prices, but Mr McCrann said the government should use Beijing’s reliance on Australian iron ore as a tool.

“There’s no way that China’s going to play this game with iron ore; I would argue we should be playing this game with iron ore,” he said.

“We should be making it very clear to China that we can hurt them just as much as they can hurt us, and it would send a very clear message to them that we can mess with you just the way you’ve been messing with us.”

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