World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia & Tin Miners in Indonesia | Free Documentary

World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia, Tin Miners in Indonesia and the the longest suspension footbridge in Europe | Mavericks Unlimited

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On this episode of “Mavericks Unlimited,” we join tin miners in Indonesia digging through the mud with their bare hands searching for this precious metal. Their reward is little money, health problems and the constant risk of death. Later, we take a ride on Bolivia’s Death Road – the most dangerous road in the world. Anyone who isn’t careful could plummet hundreds of metres over the edge. Thousands have died here. Also, we join construction workers building the longest suspension footbridge in Europe that is due to connect two mountains over a valley 100 metres deep. A dangerous endeavour!

00:00 Tin Miners in Indonesia
07:57 World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia
14:22 The Longest Suspension Footbridge in Europe
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