WHO is ‘not happy Jan’ after China blocked investigation into origins of COVID-19

The World Health Organisation is “not happy Jan” after China prevented a team of experts from investigating the origins of COVID-19, according to Sky News host Chris Smith.

His comments come after Beijing delayed the arrival of 10 international scientists for several months, inundating them with a number of logistical demands and rules.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebhreyesus told reporters China’s officials were yet to finalise necessary visa clearances for the team’s arrival to the mainland, and said he is “very disappointed” with the news.

“Michael Ryan, head of the WHO’s emergencies program, called the delay ‘frustrating’,” Mr Smith said.

He said Dr Ryan “made it clear” to senior Chinese officials the mission is a priority for the WHO and the international team.

“But they (the officials) just ignored him despite promises to the contrary,” Mr Smith said.

“What China has now done is basically lying, which Beijing of course are masters at.

“The more China hides and the more they delay, the more the world suspects that the regime was indeed responsible for the worst pandemic in a century.”

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