West Australians ‘fooling themselves’ if they think there won’t be COVID spike

Western Australians are probably “fooling” themselves if they think there will not be a significant spike in COVID-19 cases tomorrow, according to The West Australian Assistant Editor Jenna Clarke.

Three regions in Western Australia’s south west, including Perth, have been placed into a five day full lockdown as of Sunday night after a hotel quarantine worker contracted what is believed to be the UK strain of COVID-19.

Close contacts have all been tested and have not yet come back with positive results, while thousands of people in the greater Perth region have been lining up since Sunday evening to receive tests.

Ms Clarke told Sky News given the kilometre-long lines at testing clinics there will most likely be a spike in positive test results in the coming days.

“We’re probably fooling ourselves if we’re not going to see a spike in numbers tomorrow.”

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