Victoria’s border restrictions eased for areas of Greater Sydney

Victoria’s hard border with parts of Greater Sydney has been relaxed, meaning stranded Victorians can now start heading home from several local government areas in New South Wales.

As of 6pm on Monday evening, only 10 local government areas in Greater Sydney will still be deemed red zones.

Subsequently, 25 out of 35 local government areas in Greater Sydney have been downgraded from being deemed a red zone, to being labelled as an orange zone.

Anyone in an orange zone will need a permit to enter Victoria and upon arrival, will be required to self-isolate until a negative test result is attained.

Premier Daniel Andrews specified the following local government areas will remain red zones: Bankstown City, Burwood, Canada Bay City, Canterbury Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield City, Inner West, Liverpool City, Parramatta City and Strathfield.

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