USA – Trump and the midterms | DW Documentary (Trump documentary)

The US midterm elections have arrived. Has Trump fulfilled voters’ expectations since being elected president two years ago? [Online until: 07.12.2018]

The deadly shooting attack by a right-wing extremist on a synagogue in Pittsburgh and the letter bombs addressed by a Donald Trump supporter to former US president Barack Obama and others, have caused consternation in America. The attacks, coming just ahead of the midterm congressional elections on 6 November, demonstrate how polarized and poisonous the political atmosphere in the US has become. In our documentary, Ernst Kernmayer asks factory workers, who made a major contribution to the election of Donald trump two years ago, whether their expectations have been fulfilled. He enquires from farmers, who are footing the bill for the trade disputes with China, whether having Trump as president is a good thing, after all. And he meets Lindsay James, one of many women who feel they have to take a stand against Trump. She is running for one of Iowa’s seats in the House of Representatives.

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