Truck Accident Attorney Los Angeles

Truck accident attorney Los Angeles
When you are involved in a truck accident, it is essential you have an experienced trucking accident attorney on your side. Big rig accidents, unfortunately, can have big consequences. Death, serious injury, and life-long complications can result from trucking accidents. A fender-bender with a car may put a dent in your bumper, but a mere fender-bender with a big rig can total your car and leave you with lasting injuries. Whether the accident was caused by the driver’s negligence, equipment malfunction, weather, or any of the complex issues that come with operating big rig, The Ledger Law Firm will help you navigate the various and complicated legal implications of accidents involving 18 wheeler.
As a leading truck accident law firm Newport Beach, our big rig accident attorneys know the importance of collecting evidence as soon as possible, preserving that evidence, and examining all the available information to provide the best 18 wheel accident representation possible. We work to establish the circumstances of the accident:
Was the big rig driver tired, driving past his or her allotted hours, intoxicated? Was the driver texting, speeding, or otherwise not following traffic laws?
Did equipment malfunction in the truck? If so, what equipment malfunctioned, and was it improperly maintained? Were correct loading and weight standards followed for the truck’s freight?
What was the weather and road conditions like at the time of the trucking accident? Was the truck driver operating the 18 wheel vehicle safely according to weather conditions?
Who witnessed the big rig accident? What type of medical treatment was required? What type of citations was issued by law enforcement?
Discovering the facts is the first step in your truck accident representation, but no matter where the process takes you, your trucking accident attorney will be by your side every step of the way.
The experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney will use his or her years of experience dealing with insurance companies and the courts to obtain the best possible outcome in every case. We pride ourselves on treating our clients with compassion and respect, and we will work to be the truck accident law firm you can trust.
Trucking accidents can be devastating, but the results don’t have to be if you have the right 18 wheeler accident lawyers on your side. Make sure you are represented by someone who is experienced, caring, and thorough and call the trucking accident lawyers of The Ledger Law Firm today.Our service located in California, Newport Beach, Los Angeles and all over United State.

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