There is ‘no room for hate speech’ in Australia

Sky News host Peter Gleeson has applauded a parliamentary inquiry which will examine threats posed by far right-wing terrorists and Islamic extremist groups, saying there is no room for hate speech in Australia.

It comes after a New South Wales teenager was taken into police custody in East Albury facing terror charges; he allegedly used mainstream social media platforms and private chatrooms to pedal views which encourage others to commit acts of violence.

“I applaud this particular inquiry, I think it’s well overdue,” Mr Gleeson told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“Whether it’s right-wing groups or whether it’s left-wing groups, we shouldn’t differentiate between the potential for grief, the potential for catastrophic situations arising as a result.

“If we can somehow nip in the bud anything that relates to terrorism or hate speech, I think that’s a good outcome for Australia.”

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