The ‘world will not end’ if NRL grand final is played in Brisbane

Sky News host Peter Gleeson says the ARL must abandon their “Sydney-centric” notion of having the grand final in Sydney every year as it would make a lot of sense for it to be played in Brisbane.

“When Brisbane hosted the 2020 AFL grand final, the world didn’t end,” Mr Gleeson said.

“Queensland became the de facto hub for the AFL competition and the show went on.”

Mr Gleeson said the NRL is now under pressure to bring their grand final in Brisbane as well after the New South Wales government appears certain not to meet its stadium commitments.

“Brisbane is the NRL’s biggest market on a per capital basis,” he said.

“If the ARL is serious about making rugby league a national game, they must abandon this Sydney-centric notion of have the grand final in Sydney every year.

“It needs to come to Brisbane maybe eery five years, it makes sense on so many levels; the world will not end, trust me.”

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