The Weirdest Things People Actually Hide!

What are the weirdest things found in humans ever? What do doctors find in their patients?! What are the funniest emergency room trips?! Find out in this video!

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What are the weirdest things found in humans ever? What do doctors find in their patients?! What are the funniest emergency room trips?! Find out in this video!

Here are the weirdest things found in Humans!

10 – A Loaded Gun

Meet Dallas Archer, the woman who was arrested with a gun in her vajayjay. A loaded gun at that. Does that seem smart to you? While Ms. Archer’s fate could have been much much worse, she pled guilty to felony charges and received a three year prison sentence, three years of community service and two years of probation.

According to reports, she was arrested for driving without a license when she was pulled over for speeding. Naturally, they brought her to a jail. A female officer was doing a routine check when she noticed Archer was packing heat in her vajayjay. They pulled out a North American Arms 22LR revolver, which was reported stolen in 2013 from a retired car salesman.

There’s no real reason for why she was driving around with a gun in her vajayjay, but her lawyer speculated that she was high, which is probably the most logical explanation.

9 – Cell Phone Cable

Remember that one scene in the Dark Knight where The Joker put a cell phone inside of that dude as a way to cause a big giant distraction so he could escape? What happened to this guy was similar, but probably worse. He visited his doctor, complaining that he hadn’t been able to pee for eight months straight. That sounds pretty terrible, and the reason, as you probably could have guessed, was because of a cell phone cord that was stuck in his bladder. Okay, weird. But wait for it…’d it get in there?! Okay, you guessed it, conventional wacking off wasn’t enough for this guy, so he decided to stick a charger cord down his pick! Somehow the cord ended up in his bladder and he couldn’t retrieve it! The surgeon tried to remove the wire through the urethra but found that it was impossible because it was knotted inside. Beep!! Instead, the doctor had to remove the cord removed surgically. I’m gonna guess he had to get a new cord…..

8 – A Giant Hairball
A cat coughing up a hairball is normal. But a human? Not so much. Sophie Cox suffers from trichotillomania, a condition where a person feels compelled to pull their own hair out. She also suffers from an associated condition called trichophagia, or, ‘Rapunzel syndrome’, which compels her to then ingest the hair she just pulled out. Put those two together, and you have a giant hairball in your stomach.

She had a spell of pulling her hair out as a toddler, but thought she had grown out of it. That is, until she began to lose weight rapidly and noticed bald patches appearing. While pregnant with back in 2014, she suffered excruciating stomach pains. Unable to keep food down, she lost 84 lbs in two years!! Doctors had no idea what was wrong with her. They tested for gallstones and stomach cancer but found nothing. It wasn’t until she had an endoscopy in November 2015 that doctors discovered the giant hairball. It was too big to break down in her stomach, which left her malnourished and dehydrated. Can you believe that the hairball measured 30cm long and weighed 14 lbs?! Finally, in April of 2016, Sophie had the 14 pound hairball surgically removed from her stomach. Let’s hope that she can stop herself in the future from eating her own hair!

7 – An Eel

You know those icky looking creatures that slither around the sea known as eels? Admit it, you watched The Little Mermaid and the Princess Bride, and probably noticed the eels. Not exactly good looking creatures right? Yeah, well one of those managed to get into a man’s body in 2013. I repeat, an eel, as in those long slimy fish from the sea, was inside of a man’s body. A man in China’s southeastern Guangdong province admitted himself to a local hospital after he reportedly got a live eel stuck inside him and was claiming to be in intense pain. The eel had chewed through the man’s colon, perforating his large intestine, and became stuck in his body cavity!

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