The ‘Trump record’ resonated with Americans: Alan Jones

Media networks do not decide who wins elections, but the almost universal chorus says President Trump should “lie down, be a good boy” and concede the US election for the sake of national unity, according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

“The US media have declared Joe Biden the winner in a tight race – they did this weeks ago,” Mr Jones said.

“If Biden has won fairly and squarely … make no mistake, this is no straightforward victory for the Democrats.

“The polls were wrong, the media haters were wrong.”

Mr Jones also noted the “Trump record” had “resonated with almost 50 per cent of Americans”.

“The so-called blue wave did not happen, … the promised landslide against Trump did not occur,” he said.

He also spoke of the many aspects of the election which were “ignored”.

“The biggest block voting for Trump were married women, he increased the black vote and the Hispanic vote for Republicans, because of the economic improvements in those communities under Trump,” Mr Jones said.

“The Trump vote is more than was ever achieve by Obama … but the bias continues.”

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