The thousands of Australians in India ‘have a right to come home’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it is “disgraceful” the way some want to now ban people coming to Australia from India.

“There are Australians in India, thousands of them, and they have a right to come home,” Mr Kenny said.

“What sort of a country would make that harder for them?”

“The whole point of quarantine is to treat everyone coming back as if they are infected”.

“It shouldn’t be necessary soon once the vulnerable are vaccinated, but the idea we should now discriminate against people from India is disgusting, it is paranoid”.

Mr Kenny said it would be an “un-Australian” response, after seeing what is taking place in India right now, to tell your fellow Aussies who are there, that they can’t come home, that they must stay there and “add to that country’s woes”.

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