The Strongest Animals in the World!

Watch this video to learn about the strongest animals in the world! From the Honey Badger, to a certain tiny insect, the amazing strength of these animals are just jaw dropping!

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Siberian Tiger By Magnus Johansson (siberian Tiger) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Blue Whale By NOAA Photo Library – anim1754, Public Domain,

Ever wonder what animals not to mess with? No? Well I’m about to tell you about the strongest animals in the world!

10 – Honey Badger

As sweet and innocent as its name sounds, these guys are nothing to f**k with! The Honey Badger may just be the most ferocious animal on this list! Their scientific name, Mellivora capensis, literally means honey eater of the cape, as these guys love honey, and they’re from the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. They may be small but in terms of sheer muscle and pound for pound strength, the honey badger belongs on this list. Honey Badgers are so smart, they’re capable of using tools! But their intelligence isn’t what sets them apart; it’s their physical capabilities and attitude. They have incredibly thick skin, which is tough enough to fend off arrows, porcupines, spears, and even several machete blows!
Their teeth are strong enough to crack a tortoise shell. They’ll kill and attack any animal, no matter how large or small, when it’s threatened. Look, these guys have been known to fight off up to SIX lions!!! If you ever come across one of these guys, don’t bother trying to feed it!!

9 – Silverback Gorilla

At number 9 we have the Silverback Gorilla. These guys can weigh as much as 600 pounds!! Well, the fat ones anyways, the in-shape guys tip the scales at around 400 pounds. They’re basically just huge balls of muscle since they’re hunched over most of the time, but they stand as tall as 6 feet when they’re upright. Gorillas are actually pretty docile unless you accidentally cross their territory and pose a threat. These guys supposedly are 9 times as strong as the average man!! They can run up to 25mph!! To put it that perspective, Usain Bolt reaches a TOP speed of 27 mph. And that’s on a track. Pretty much you’re not gonna be outrunning these guys. Gorillas are so strong, they can break bamboo trees!! Just in case you didn’t know, bamboo has greater tensile strength than steel, and it withstands compression better than concrete. If you accidentally ever encounter a gorilla in the wild, just keep it moving!

8 – Siberian Tiger

The Siberian Tiger is the strongest cat in the world, and is also the biggest cat in the world! The average adult male Siberian Tiger outweighs an average adult lion by about 100 lbs. One Siberian Tiger raised in captivity reached a body weight of over 1000 lbs! The Siberian Tiger can drag up to twice its weight, and is powerful enough to kill animals twice its size. Tigers aren’t social animals like lions and are known for its ferocity! Hopefully none of us will ever encounter a tiger in the open!! Please, just stay in the car!!

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