The SCARIEST Animals Found Around YOU!

What are the scariest animals that could actually be found in your backyard?! Watch this video to check out what people have found near where they live!

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Here are the scariest that just may be lurking around you!
9 – “Yuuuuge” Spider
It’s just like a terrifying scene straight out of a Harry Potter movie, except this time, it’s real.
Photos of a giant huntsman spider that was rescued in Queensland, Australia in 2015 went viral — and people couldn’t believe their eyes!
A local animal sanctuary that rescued the spider confirmed that the spider definitely wasn’t a Photoshop.
Though alarmingly large, huntsman spiders — with leg spans of up to 12 inches — are generally known to be gentle, harmless creatures. So if you find one wandering in your back yard…try not to panic.
The spider from the viral photo, who’s since been named Charlotte was discovered in an old farmhouse.
Normally, when Betty from Barnyard Betty’s Rescue tries to catch a spider, she pops a glass over them on the wall and then slides some paper underneath. But when she saw the size of Charlotte, she knew she needed a new plan.
Charlotte was the size of a dinner plate, so she needed to grab a broom and “convince” the spider to climb on to the head of the broom.
After snapping the photos that went viral, Betty released the spider into an old shed where she knew she’d be safe from people and predators. Yeah, how about disclosing the location of that shed? Yeah, Charlotte is kind of cute. Kind of. Pfffft yeah right!!
8 – Lion in the Streets

One of the most frequently used stereotypes that people from Africa have to deal with, is the ridiculous idea that there are lions walking around the streets. South-Africa is well-known for its wildlife, so whenever a South-African finds themselves abroad, they often have to deal with the following:
“Ah! No, way! You’re from Africa?”
Because, you know…Africa has to be the same everywhere right?!
“That’s crazy man. So…are there, like, lions walking in the streets and stuff?”
These questions are absurd. Of course there aren’t lions walking around on the streets. Well…until last year when one Sunday night, photos started circulating on social media about a lion walking around the streets of Johannesburg.
The photos were all 100% real, and there really WAS s a lion walking around the streets, even getting on top of some cars and sniffing around some dumpsters.
BUUUT, it turns out though, that the lion was trained, and was walking the streets as part of a movie shoot.
Still, the locals all made very sure to lock their doors and stay inside till the shoot was over. H*ll, I know I would!

7 – Snakes on a plane in a wall
Can you imagine what Samuel L Jackson would have said if he ever went to go visit the Brooks family in their dream home here?
Snakeskins and droppings became commonplace in the house. As did actual black rat snakes, which ranged from small hatchlings to full-grown seven-footers. By April, the family had evacuated the premises and filed a $2 million lawsuit against their real estate agent.
The good news for most of us is that such snake infestations are pretty unusual. For some reason, the snakes had settled on this house as a congregation point.
Snakes are ectothermic, which means their body temperature fluctuates with their environment. When it gets cold, these guys find a cozy place to curl up and wait out the winter. That could be anything from a tree stump to a rocky crevice to—well—the Brooks’ house. Even if such instances are rare, the house in Maryland isn’t the first report of a house that would make Indiana Jones squirm.

In one house in Idaho, garter snakes were crawling through cracks in the house’s foundation and using it as a place to spend the winter. It’s probably likely the snakes had always used the area as a hibernaculum, and the house was simply built on top of their hangout.
Scientists have also found wild places where snakes congregate, including the Narcisse Snake Dens of Manitoba, Canada, where 75,000 garter snakes mate in great, writhing masses. It’s the world’s largest known gathering of snakes. Snake orgy….…yeahhhhhh.

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