The left’s attempt to wash away the past is ‘Orwellian’: Peta Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Australia Day is just the largest target of the left’s ongoing push to “disable, disown, and debase” Australia’s national symbols.

Australia Day this year will once again play host to many activists and protests pushing to ‘change the date’ labelling the current anniversary ‘invasion day’.

Ms Credlin said this movement is trying to make Australians “ashamed of who they are” and their contributions to the country that many of them are proud to call home.

A recent poll in the Nine newspapers show only 28 per cent of Australians are actually in favour of changing the date, but nearly 50 per cent think it will inevitably happen within the next decade.

Ms Credlin said convincing people the change is inevitable is the “modus operandi of the left”.

“Abusing, bullying and sneering at people in order to wear them down, to accept what they don’t want to accept, by pitching it as inevitable”.

“Don’t think for a second, that if Australia Day was ever changed, from the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet, for instance, to the anniversary of the proclamation of the Commonwealth of Australia, that the left would pack up and go home.

“They don’t want an Australia where everyone is equal – the sort of country we pretty much have.

“Trying to rewrite history is not a sign of modernity. Trying to wash away the past is Orwellian, it isn’t a message of advancement, or indeed it’s a lie to pretend it’s anything akin to unifying.”

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