The left ‘are ashamed of being left’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it does not make sense for leftists to be “ideological deniers” as they have no problem espousing their views as the right ones.

Mr Kenny’s comments come after ABC reporter Michael Rowland questioned Health Minister Greg Hunt over a Twitter post regarding the coronavirus vaccine which featured the Liberal Party logo.

Mr Hunt responded to Mr Rowland’s comments, saying he “identified with the left” – a comment which the ABC presenter said was “offensive”.

“It confounds me day in day out they run the leftist arguments on climate, on lockdowns, on the economy, on taxes, on welfare, on foreign affairs, so they obviously believe green left views are something to be espoused,” Mr Kenny said.

He said when a leftist is called a leftist “they duck and dive and run for the hills” even though they do not believe what they are saying is anything to be ashamed of.

“They are deniers, leftist deniers, they deny their own worldview, they are ideological deniers.”

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